05. Oct 2019 – 15. Oct 2019

Intercontinental advanced open source hardware project

Spectrometers are powerful applications when it comes to analyzing physical matter. And this project, led by Mike Richardson from Photonic Insights, a deep tech startup from our network, revolves around the highly agile further development of an open hardware spectrometer in two continents and four metropolitan regions within only 14 days. Based on the team’s current open source solution, as documented on hackaday, the goal is to improve the solution by utilizing our organization’s global partner network. So what’s meant by „further development“? The goal is build packaged devices in 4 different locations within 2 weeks: Berlin, Sri Lanka, Shenzhen/Hongkong and Bangkok. The devices will be ready for sale immediately in an online store after build. An NIR sensor board will be delivered to an international B2B customer for evaluation. A back end for processing spectral data from the spectrometer will be accessible at the end of the 2 weeks period. We can’t wait to support Photonic Insights‘ product development sprint!“