01. Jan 2020 – 31. Dec 2022

Digital infrastructure to support analog repairs

SHAREPAIR is a project funded by the Interreg-EU programme and initiated by Maakbar Leuven. The aim of the project is to reduce electrical and electronic waste by providing digital support for a more effective analogue repair in self-repair, joint repair in repair cafes or repair centers and repair with professional support.  Prototypes for Europe is on board with Astrid Lorenzen and Anika Paape, whose key focus area is 3D printed spare parts for repairs. Therefor a platform for 3D data of spare parts is in the making as well as tools to minder the hurdles of 3D repair such as language barriers and 3D / CAD modeling. 

SHAREPAIR has a duration of 3 years and started in January 2020.

Check out the SHAREPAIR websites:
here and here.

Foto Credits: Tobias Isakeit