About us

We are a Think & Make Tank bringing together technologists and entrepreneurs.

It celebrates intense non-commercial Research & Development, geared to explore fresh products and processes which help making the vision of a Sustainable Europe 2030 a reality.

We do so through running both applied research projects and spaces supporting innovation, be them publicly or privately funded.

Methodically we make sure that they correspond with European goals on a research and innovation policy level, including a preference for Open Innovation and Open Science.

Meet the team

Meet our international team of engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and lateral thinkers in alphabetical order.

Through our additional activities such as entrepreneurs or academic researchers, we ensure that we do not build ourselves an epistemological bubble that our ultimate goal is to break through.

Dr. Achyut Bora

Advanced Materials & Embedded Systems

Achyut is an experienced material researcher focusing on organic/inorganic hybrid nanotechnology for sensor advanced computational applications. His current project is dedicated to implementing physics-informed machine learning to edge computing for industrial automation.

Ackeem Ngwenya

Industrial Designer

South African-born Ackeem Ngwenya is a product designer focussed on African development and founder of Roadless Ltd. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Jewellery Design at the University of Stellenbosch and went on to complete a master’s in innovation design engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London in 2014.

Anika Paape

Circular Economy

Anika studied Industrial Design at the Muthesius Academy of Art in Kiel. Since 2013 she has been a freelancer at reditum // Furniture with a past life in changing fields of activity. She then supports the Cologne label for upcycling furniture in product concepts, prototype construction, trade fair appearances and public relations.

Clelia Medina

Innovation Labs

Clelia Medina is our expert for collaborations with Latin American partner organizations. Among other things, she is currently working on a concept for an education and innovation lab to complement existing offerings in Nicaragua.

Daniel Heltzel


Daniel is coordinating both running and upcoming efforts of the network. In this role, he is also particularly interested in making contact with partner organizations in order to initiate further exciting activities of the network.

Dr. Daniel Wessolek

Tangible Interaction Design

Daniel is a tangible interaction designer with a focus on emerging technologies in the interplay of design and art. He is an open hard- and software advocate and creates assistive tech in co-design processes with and for personal fabrication tools. Together with Isabelle Dechamps he represents the Berlin Careables Team for Prototypes. Daniel is also our project lead for the Open!Next project.

Dario Seipold

Entrepreneurship & Engineering

Dario holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management with a specialization in Electrical Engineering and Finance from TU Berlin. With his experience in the entrepreneurial domain he contributes to financial and operational tasks in the project Open!Next.

Isabelle Dechamps

Co-Creation Program Design

Isabelle is a social designer with a focus on co- creation and accessibility. She develops and coordinates programs like the Open Health HACKademy with multiple stakeholders. Together with Dr. Daniel Wessolek she represents the Berlin Careables Team for Prototypes.

Dr. Max Marwede

Applied Research for Ecological Sustainability

Max is linking the Lernfabrik Ökodesign of Fraunhofer-Institute IZM with our network. The Learning Factory Ecodesign is a training program open for professionals and teachers which aims to convey methods and tools to enable participants to design products and services for a circular economy.

Mike Richardson

Embedded Systems & Machine Learning

Mike is an entrepreneur focused on deep technology, which includes applications in Embedded Systems and Machine Learning. His geographical scope is truly global, supporting Entrepreneurship in Europe, United States, Mexico and Asia.

Dr. Stefan Kreitmayer

Hamb Machine Interaction

Stefan's research interests revolve around the design, development and evaluation of technologies that extend and augment how adults explore knowledge together.

Tamara Palaske

Industrial Design

Tamara Palaske is an industrial designer who is currently coordinating project Eco Maker.


Practicing Open Innovation and Open Science on an international scale calls for a strong partner network, of course. That’s why we are constantly looking out for partner organizations which bring in congruent or complementary resources and a similar mindset. 

Let us know if you are interested to team up!